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May 20, 2003
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Contemporary Oz by kayne Contemporary Oz by kayne
This is the final compilation with all three panels of my Contemporary Oz illustration project.

Please view the individual panels for more infor on each of them;
Tinman: [link]
Lion and Scarecrow: [link]
Dorethy: [link]

Incase you are interested, I hand drew and then inked each panel, scanned them and coloured them in PhotoShop7. The cheated with the skies, they are photos that I took on various occasions.

Please view full size for maximum impact!

*Edited to add: You can now get a print of this, or, if you prefer, each indidual panel is also available. :) Enjoy!
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Daily Deviation

Given 2003-05-21
Contemporary Oz by kayne is a wonderful modern interpretation of the old tale of the Wizard of Oz. The vibrancy in this piece is wonderful, and compliments the great style and composition. (thanks to ~tgee for the suggestion) (Selected by +ekud) ( Featured by ekud )
flipsideshooze Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2004
incredible... this is amazing instant fav :thumbsup:
Lokk-Skip Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2004   Photographer
amazing don't seem to fail, at create amazing AMAZING work, and this lives up to it...taking such an old classic and adding new age to it, and making it actually work! very cool, man. the artwork itself is great, very fine lines, almost comic-book like. and the brilliant colors...yeah. i dind't realize you added the sky from a photo until you said so, the inking and the photo just seemed to work together so well, blend reality into fantasy. nice. okay, good job again...bravo :dygel:
katewackerle Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2004  Hobbyist Photographer friends just got me the 3 prints as a gift after our production of 'The Wizard of Oz'. They're amazing... :-D
phraseology Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2004
I love it! I love the tinman, (hugs him), i love your view on the characters, it's different. I love how each one pulls into the next to smoothly, and the colors are just spectacular. This is one that I wouldn't mind owning....very very nice...
dirtycar74 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2003
I don't know how I missed this until now, but, as some people say, "better late than never!"

All I can say is WOW.

This is truly amazing. I love the characterization of the tin man the most, quickly followed by the very psychedelic effect of the wizard portrayal.

This is some very very very good work, Kayne. I'm sorry I didn't get to see it before, but very glad to have had a chance to see it at all.

All the best Kudos to you!

Thank you for sharing your talents. You are truly an amazing artist.
kytti Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2003
you are incredibly witty. what was the actual assignment, to illustrate a contemporary oz (i read about the specific requirements)? anyways this is great and wonderful and really imaginative and creative and i love it. :+fav:
cronoentreri Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2003
wow... this needs to be a print and for sell.... +fav
treebee Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2003
bloody hell
this is so awesome
i cant get my head round how long this must have taken ya:worship:
you are so clever and this is gonna have to be faved and i think i may have to watch ya too after seeing this one my dear:hug:
xandershanks Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2003

this is unreal!!! i love how you've interpretted each this part of a book or something - or just a piece for us to look to in amazment?

:thumbsup: :D
teat Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2003
Are we triptych twins?! This is incredible!
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